Creative Placemaking Series

Rethink. Reconnect. Reclaim.


This seven part series explored creative approaches to revitalizing communities and improving public places. Participants strategized with leading thinkers from across the U.S. and beyond in the fields of environmental art, creative placemaking, and tactical urbanism. In pursuit of a better city, neighbors gathered to reimagine our public spaces and bring new energy to the city.


The Pogue's Run Pursuit

A walk lead by Artist Sean Derry took place along the historical but hidden banks of Pogue’s Run (now diverted into an aqueduct beneath the city). Participants navigated old-timey maps through the modern city while considering the changing nature of our landscape, the role of creativity in city-making, and the value of a community's natural resources.

The Long Blue Line

In his project “Charting Pogue’s Run”, Sean Derry set out to memorialize our native waterway with a long, blue line and iron markers mapping the stream’s 1831 pathDerry shared his perspective and experience of completing such a massive public art project.

Sparking monument circle

During this  brown-bag lunch, artists involved with placemaking efforts on Monument Circle, Indianapolis discussed placemaking and their experiences creating art that engages people.  Artists Jim Walker, Stuart Hyatt, and Ash Robinson shared their artwork and how they engage in people-focused art.  The conversation included tour of Monument Circle placemaking efforts led by Big Car Collaborative's Jim Walker.

Mary Miss : Environmental Art

This discussion with renowned environmental artist Mary Miss offered insight into her work and creative process. Additionally, the discussion focused on the intersection of art and science and her contributions to the StreamLines project (National Science Foundation) underway now in Indianapolis.

David Engwicht : Placemaking Lunch Convo

This conversation reflected upon the impact of specific creative placemaking projects and their effect on our cityscape. Attendees participated in a dialogue with Australian public space guru David Engwicht. We discussed the challenges and outcomes of creatively transforming our shared spaces.

David Engwicht : Street Reclaiming

David Engwicht is one of the world’s most inventive thinkers and writers on creating vibrant public spaces. This presentation shared insight from his experiments in Creative Placemaking and explored how they relate to our public spaces in Indianapolis.


Creative Placemaking Workshop

The culmination of this seven part series, this workshop invited artists to conspire for the good of their communities. Creative placemaking and tactical urbanism experts Anthony Garcia from Miami, and David Engwicht from Australia assisted artists in developing creative interventions for public space along our waterways. 

Photos and videos: Kurt Nettleton

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