white river Placemaking


In Celebration of the Lunar New Year, hundreds of eco-friendly paper lanterns were released by attendees to celebrate the past year and make wishes for the future. This partnership with the Confucius Institute celebrated the diverse community of the Near West Side while deliberately activating derelict public space along the White River.

White River Snow Stomp

In an effort to beautify an otherwise mundane shore of the White River, artists from the surrounding community and nearby high school used their boots to etch upon the fresh snow a series of highly visible eddies and swirls to compliment the flow of the frigid water. Artwork was visible from nearby bridges as well as the hospitals and university on the opposite shore.

waterworld in the river

By imagining the New York Street Bridge in downtown Indianapolis as a creative asset, nearby indy residents were able to enjoy a moonlit film, see their city in a new way, engage a beautiful waterway, and see Kevin Costner standing in their own local waterway.



Photos: Kurt Nettleton

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